NEW #KSSEN POLL: Bollier +1 - Bollier for Kansas

NEW #KSSEN POLL: Bollier +1

As Marshall contends with a report finding that he tried to profit off the COVID-19 pandemic, new polling shows Bollier +1 in Kansas Senate race

MISSION, KS — Today, Bollier for Kansas released a new poll commissioned by GBAO Strategies that found Dr. Barbara Bollier up one point against Congressman Roger Marshall and Libertarian Jason Buckley. 

“This poll reflects what we’re hearing on the ground —  voters are ready for a moderate voice in Washington who is willing to work across the aisle to get results for Kansas families,” said Alexandra De Luca, Bollier’s communications director.  “And with Congressman Marshall contending with a disturbing report that found him attempting to use his position to profit off the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear momentum is on our side. Kansans want change — not more of the same hyper-partisan, self-serving politics practiced by Marshall and his dark money allies in D.C.”The poll was released on the same day it was announced that Bollier earned the endorsement of the Kansas City Star, citing her moderate, pro-business record and independent voice. Earlier this month, she announced that she raised a record shattering $13.5 million in Q3, outraising her opponent by a nearly 5:1 margin, and bringing in donations from all 105 counties in Kansas. Previous polling has shown the race is in a dead heat.

The memo from GBAO follows:

To: Interested Parties
From: GBAO
Date: October 28, 2020
RE: Recent Polling in Kansas

Barbara Bollier +1 Over Roger Marshall

On behalf of Bollier For Kansas, GBAO conducted a statewide survey of 600 likely 2020 voters in Kansas via live calls to landlines and cellphones. The survey was conducted October 25-27, 2020, and has a margin of error of +/- 4.0%. This memo highlights key findings from this survey.

  • The political climate in Kansas is Republican and conservative. Consistent with past elections, our poll shows Republicans and conservatives with an advantage in the composition of the electorate. Over half (51%) are registered Republicans, with a 23-point margin over registered Democrats. Conservatives outnumber liberals by more than 2-to-1 (40% vs. 16%).
  • Bollier leads Marshall +1 in a three-way contest, with more cross-party support. Bollier leads Marshall by one point in a three-way vote with Libertarian Jason Buckley (Bollier: 46%, Marshall: 45%, Buckley: 4%, other/undecided: 4%). She has better consolidated Democrats (Bollier: 93%, Marshall: 6%) than Marshall has consolidated Republicans (Bollier: 20%, Marshall: 70%).
    • In a two-way race, Bollier and Marshall tie. After asking a follow-up question of third-party voters about just Bollier and Marshall, the race is dead even (47% Bollier, 47% Marshall).
  • Bollier leads with moderates, and is seen as more moderate than Marshall. Bollier has a strong 41-point lead with moderates in the three-way (67% Bollier, 26% Marshall), and a 38-point lead in the two-way (68% Bollier, 29% Marshall).
    • Half of Kansas voters say “moderate” better describes Bollier than it does Marshall (51% describes Bollier better, 28% describes Marshall better). Moderates are even more likely to say Bollier—and not Marshall—is the moderate candidate (64% describes Bollier better, 20% describes Marshall better).


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